Cappuccino Therapy Pedicure
A yummy treat for your feet - A scrub of brown sugar and ground coffee scrub will gently exfoliate your feet and legs to take away those dry flakes, hydrating and restoring elasticity to your skin. Afterwards, calm down with the message from knees down to your toes, then a warm paraffin treatment. The best cappuccino you've ever had.

Royal Verbena Therapy Pedicure
A blend of botanical and citrus extract plus antioxidant vitamins and emallients. Provides the ideal slip for a non-greasy spa massage while being the perfect lightweight moisturizer.

Paradise Tropical Therapy Pedicure
Rest your senses while your feet soften in a bath of soak and slices of lime. While your feet are buffed with fruit flavor sea salt glow, your legs are cared with warm herbal wraps to soften and plump your skin with a light exfoliating of sloughing scrub, softenina sea butter. and hot stone message. Then paraffin mask is applied. just say ahh-ahh!

Green Tea Therapy Pedicure
Focus-neglected, tired feet! This special service starts off with a foot bath in anti-oxidant green tea and herbal leaf. The feet are then treated to an exfoliating
Dead Sea salt glow scrub and luxurious hot stone message. A layer of sea butter is applied then the feet are dipped in paraffin. When your feet emerge, they will be extra blissful smoothing and cooling tops it all off.

Fresh Cucumber Therapy Pedicure
Cucumber is well-known as a natural "heat decreasing substances." With fresh cucumber slough and oatmeal. those rough areas at the heels and balls of your feet will be softened. Hot stone with message around your calf. Finally a rich birch and mint lotion with a paraffin dip shall leave your feet readv for those silk sheets.

Margarita Therapy Pedicure
What's more relaxing than a nice refreshing margarita? Soaking in one! Sit back relax and enjoy while we take you away to an island retreat.

Papaya & Pineapple Therapy Pedicure
Regenerating and healing pedicure. the powen natural fruit enzyme of papaya promotes skin cell renewal while pineapple nourishing vitamins and nutrients refine the skin's texture and tone. Papaya and pineapple natural sea salt to sleuth away the dead skin cells. Underneath you'll reveal youthful, bright skin that is so soft and smooth, you'll be amazed that it's your own. Papaya and pineapple butter blend hydrating treatment leaves the skin extremely soft with a dewy finish.

Choose any of the following treatments from Herbal Spa Manicure or Herbal Spa Pedicure
- Stress Relief
- Rejuvenation
- Congestion Relief
- Mental Clarity
- Herbal Detox
- Bridal Bouquet
- Just For Women
- Muscle Tension Relief
- Calming Tea Time
- Migrane Relief
- Make Mine Coffee
- Chocolate Lover Spa
- Renewing Rose
- Relaxing Lavender
- Herbal Sport

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